Sunday, June 1, 2014

How do you set up Do Not Disturb Mode in your iPhone

Learn how to configure your iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode features to avoid from disturbances. You can also use this steps to set up DND mode in your iPad.

Do Not Disturb is an essential features for iPhone user. It is one of those utilities which was a very long time coming for iOS. I think every iPhone user can not tell how many times they have been woken up by his iPhone ringing in the middle of the night while sleeping. While we’re sleeping late night, some of our friends may email us or call us who may forget that we get up early in the morning. With this Do Not Disturb mode, those boring days are over.

How to Set up Do Not Disturb Mode in your iPhone
Set Up Do Not Disturb Mode in your iPhone

To turn on Do Not Disturb, necessary steps are discussed below:
  1.  Go to Setting from your Home Screen and select Do Not Disturb option from the Menu.
  2. Now you can manually enable and configure your DND. To scheduled the range of desired time you would like to silence sound from notifications or incoming calls, click on Scheduled option
  3. You allow some specific calls from the option Allow Calls From. With this option, you can allow incoming messages and calls from contacts saved as favorites.
  4. Repeated calls is a function that allows repeated calls from the same caller within 3 minutes interval of time from not being silenced. You have to enable this features by clicking on Repeated Calls option
  5. You may chose to silence the calls and messages while your iPad is locked. To enable this simply click on this option.
In a word, this is a very simple but elegant setting that i like most and use every night.

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